Our philosophy guides everything we do. There are two parts to it – our corporate values and our investment philosophy.


Our corporate values are made up of six key philosophies that guide our approach to business.

Beliefs and process
first and foremost

Our beliefs and our process guide everything we do. Internally, this manifests in an idea meritocracy, where every person has the capacity to suggest, research and reject an idea.

Sleeping well
before eating well

We are a highly ethical team, committed to good investing. We’re relentlessly transparent, honest about our capacity and vigilant in applying our process. We do this because there’s simply no other way we can deliver on our promises. ECP is committed to Sustainability and is a signatory to the UN-backed PRI.

Mutual respect
and recognition

We encourage and promote a culture of respect and support for all members of our team where their new ideas, different perspectives and skills are respected and recognised.

A genuine
long-term approach

We believe in nurturing strong relationships in every part of our business – with our customers, between colleagues and with our portfolio organisations – because in order to deliver sustainable growth, we need to think long-term.

Diverse ways
of thinking

To create our high-performing portfolio we need to be capable of thinking methodically and discerningly, but also broadly and openly.

active investing

It’s so important to us that all our customers understand why we make the investment decisions we do, that we see another essential role for us, as an educator. We want to show everyone the how’s, why’s and where’s of active investing, in the simplest, most digestible way possible.


Our Investment Philosophy is based on the belief the economics of a business drives long-term investment returns. This is expressed through our investment process.

Valuing potential,
not just performance

We invest in companies in the growth stage of their life cycle, and therefore need to balance their narratives and their numbers. This balance informs our investment hypothesis.

Choosing high quality
growing businesses

Markets are notorious for undervaluing high growth businesses because they cannot see their potential. High quality growing businesses tend to find new ways to grow. Finding these businesses, and backing management to deliver allows us to capture some of that potential through time.

Ignoring temporary
market turbulence

Markets are also notorious for over-reacting to temporary themes. Our long-term approach, means we see turbulence as a normal part of the market which means we can capitalise on this market feature.


At ECP the consistency of our offering is most important, and we are focused on delivering on our three key promises at all times


Sustainable Performance

We deliver, quite simply, the best quality growth in the business. It is truly sustainable and truly resilient and has been proven again and again.

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We’re a highly ethical manager. Our environmental, social and governance practices are a cornerstone for our sustainable investments.

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We want to make sure you understand how true active investing works and why it’s the safest way to invest your money.

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